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BCLP Cubed and its leaders, global Chief Innovation Officer Katie DeBord and BCLP Cubed CEO Neville Eisenberg, were featured June 25 in The American Lawyer as part of coverage highlighting major law firms that have launched alternative legal services. The publication noted that BCLP Cubed combines previously existing volume delivery teams in Manchester and St. Louis, now focusing on four areas: commercial contracts, real estate asset management, data access requests in response to new regulations in Europe and California, and loan financing agreements. “These were areas where clients were trying to cobble together law firms and alternative providers,” DeBord said. “We created a one-stop shop.” Eisenberg emphasized that for clients including banks or multinational corporations, onboarding involves weeks of work with in-house lawyers and procurement teams to understand their processes and completely reengineer the work. “That approach, and the fact that we’re providing this service as a mainstream service of the firm, is how we would differentiate ourselves from other law firms,” he said.

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