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BCLP’s representation of Western Energy Alliance, an association that advocates for oil and gas companies in the West, was noted Sept. 30 by Law360 concerning a U.S. District Court of Colorado ruling that said while the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should have considered the most up-to-date information before leasing public lands to oil and gas drilling, that vacating the leases is not necessary because the BLM’s mistakes “are relatively minor” so “wholesale vacatur of all of the…leases would be excessively disruptive.”

Associate Ivan London was featured as heading this representation. BCLP submitted an amicus brief on behalf of Western Energy Alliance, which featured the testimony of one of the Alliance’s oil and gas members in explaining why the leases should not be canceled. Judge Marcia Krieger cited the brief and that testimony in the opinion as her reason for remanding the leases to BLM for further review, rather than vacating them altogether.

Kathleen Sgamma, the president of Western Energy Alliance, told Law360 that the court made the right call in allowing the leases to stand and that the group’s amicus brief “appears to have been a major factor in the decision for a simple remand,” she said. “The environmental groups had hoped the judge would vacate the leases, but our amicus was effective in preventing such an extreme ruling.”

Led by Ivan, BCLP’s work for Western Energy Alliance has centered on providing an oil and gas industry voice at the front lines in cases involving federal oil and gas leasing and policy.

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