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London Partner Carol Osborne and Associate Nicola Conway were extensively featured May 8 in Drapers examining the implications of the General Data Protection (GDPR) for fashion retailers. “Customer engagement is critical for retailers, both online and in-store retailers are always exploring new methods of connecting to their customers in a more meaningful way,” Osborne said. “Maximising customer engagement can include the collection, processing and retention of personal data, especially given the very broad definition of ‘personal data’ under the GDPR, which includes everything from the obvious name and address to the ISP address of a customer’s computer.” When asked about the steps that retailers can take to ensure compliance throughout their processes, Conway explained that, “Retailers should be able to implement GDPR-compliant practices on a relatively straightforward basis. One of the more challenging issues for retailers may be understanding the scope of the data they currently hold, how it was collected and whether it can be used in a compliant way.” Click here to read the article; subscription may be required.

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