Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner is creating an innovative new service which integrates the complex legal advisory work we currently offer clients with higher volume work and legal operations support. This new service is called BCLP Cubed.

Why are we doing this?

Clients have told us that they need integrated end-to-end services delivered in a systematic, technology-enabled, and process-oriented way, and collect data when doing so. This will enable them to close transactions faster and provide data-driven guidance to their executives.

BCLP is particularly well placed to provide this innovative service because of our scale and geographic reach, the nature of our existing client work and our historic investment in many of the platform assets required.

We already have extensive experience of building and delivering these solutions for individual clients and we are now developing specific offers to support real estate asset owners, financial services providers and large, multinational corporates with large numbers of commercial contracts to manage.

We bring together the depth of our legal expertise as part of BCLP Cube’s end-to end solution, along with our experience in driving effective solutions for high volume work. This enables us to apply the most effective approach regardless of the legal challenges we encounter.

Given that we already provide client-specific end-to-end solutions in the areas of commercial contracting, real estate asset management, and loan financing, we have begun with those three areas and other services will follow.

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