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BCLP Partner and Co-Leader of the Global Banking Sector Daisy Reeves authored an article published April 12 by examining the power of workplace “Psychological Safety” (PS) and the enhanced need for PS as a result of COVID-19; how it is imperative, now more than ever, that individuals feel they have the ability to “speak up” candidly to each other without fear of reprisal, to spark both innovation and inclusion. “Has anything positive come out of COVID? If law firms listen and get this right, perhaps one thing – the unlocking of the power, authenticity and innovation of the individuals that make up ‘the successful team;’ the power that is harnessed in a PS workplace,” she wrote. “How firms treat their teams and look after (or don’t look after) their people is going to have a very long tail, all accelerated by us collectively experiencing, as a group of humans, COVID-19. Our values and expectations of our workplaces are different than they were 12 months ago and firms need to realise and adapt to these new demands. PS should be at the top of that list.”

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