BCLP Paris Partner Constantin Achillas and Counsel David Père were interviewed May 27 by LJA on the first feedback regarding the French Anti-Corruption Agency’s (AFA) service delivery. The AFA has been authorized to request support from third-party firms, including Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, and appoint them as experts to assist in its controls of the application of Sapin II law. Since then, the situation remains unclear for these expert firms as the AFA has not supplied information on future missions. “This distance strengthens independence, that’s how it was thought by the legislator,” Achillas said. The experts will be asked alternately, in the order of the list pre-established by the AFA. And contrary to what some have suggested, the selected expert firms still will be able to advise companies outside of their mission with the AFA; ethical rules will be respected. “What seems to me quite dishonest is to suggest that because we are on the panel, we could no longer advise companies on compliance,” Père noted.

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