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BCLP Cubed is recognized as highly commended in the Financial Times’ special report Innovative Lawyers: Europe in the category of “Innovation in Strategy and Digital Transformation.” 

Senior Partner and Chief Executive of BCLP Cubed Neville Eisenberg and Chief Technology Officer of BCLP Cubed Jody Jansen spoke to the Financial Times about BCLP Cubed’s offer and the legal industry’s willingness to engage with legal technologies more generally. Eisenberg argues that the COVID-19 crisis has caused a psychological shift that has made sceptics of the value of legal technology more open to the benefits of innovation, yet says many clients still lack systems such as contract management software that could cut costs in their legal dealings. Jansen adds that much of the hype around artificial intelligence has worn off and that “there’s a more realistic understanding that it’s a helping tool.”

BCLP Cubed was conceived in response to clients’ demands for help with day-to-day business. “When it came to complex legal work, on the whole they felt well served by the market,” Eisenberg says. “When it came to higher volume, business-as-usual matters, it was a completely different picture.”

BCLP Cubed is an integrated service that helps clients with high-volume legal work. By charging fixed fees and using a team of junior lawyers, as well as process engineers, technologists, project managers and project developers, the service saves clients costs on high-volume work.

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