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BCLP Associate Nazia Sohail and Head Chef Jason Ring were quoted Sept. 15 by The Lawyer (subscription required) on the ways BCLP’s London canteen serves as an office melting pot, building community and bringing together workers of all ages and backgrounds. Nazia joined BCLP in February 2020 and welcomes the office chit chat, having worked almost entirely remotely throughout her training contract. “I don’t think we even realized how much we were missing out on, especially from a social perspective,” she said. The benefits of breaking bread together aren’t lost on BCLP. The canteen operated a stripped-back coffee service over COVID, providing a familiar face to those still commuting to the office. “We were always told by the people in the business that it was just nice for them to come down and see us – relate to us,” Jason said. For Nazia, the canteen is more than just a place to eat. “We spend so much of our lives working,” she added. “If you can become friends with your colleagues, then what’s better than that?”

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