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BCLP Partner Laurent Schittenhelm, a member of the firm’s Real Estate Practice, was quoted Sept. 6 by L'Usine Digitale concerning “dark stores” in Paris. These premises are used by delivery businesses throughout the city to hold product near consumers for quick delivery. The French government has recently declared that these locations must be considered warehouses, which by law cannot be established in all areas. Insofar as some local urban plans prohibit warehouses, Schittenhelm specified that "a legal entity that violates a Local Urban Plan may be subject to administrative, civil and penal sanctions."

He was later quoted Sept. 9 by Challenges in a separate article that considers a solution to allow “dark stores” to remain in the city centers by installing them in underground car parks. Schittenhelm stated "Paris mayor's car-free policy means that there are empty floors in the car parks. We could totally imagine dark stores there." 

Schittenhelm was again quoted Sept. 15 by LSA looking at the situation of "dark stores" in France, with the Government due to publish a decree concerning the fate of these spaces, now considered warehouses. Schittenhelm explained that the decision is “a backward step [...] in relation to their data sheet published in mid-March", stressing that "as long as the texts have not been published, anything can happen."

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