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BCLP Partner Amy de La Lama, chair of the firm’s global Data Privacy & Security Practice, has been named to Law Week Colorado’s 2022 Top Women list.

The publication noted Amy’s legal practice of more than 20 years spent serving as a pioneer in multiple ways, including with remote work, being a champion for a more diverse workforce and being a leader in the ever-changing world of data privacy. She helps local companies get prepped for the new Colorado Privacy Act and has advised companies all over the world in data privacy issues.

“I really started in privacy before privacy was a thing,” Amy told the publication. “Over the years, privacy and security and data breach and sort of all those related areas, have just kind of gone crazy, so I had the opportunity to help build a privacy team.” Locally, she keeps her foot on the gas as well, helping businesses with data privacy programs that meet ever-changing laws. “We’re really working hard, first of all to help companies,” she said. “We’re focused on helping companies integrate, [to] expand or flex their privacy programs to pull in Colorado and make sure you are meeting it versus addressing Colorado in a vacuum because there are so many new laws.”

Law Week Colorado's 2022 Top Women list features Amy and others involved in the most high-profile and impactful legal work this year.

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