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It is essential to know how to behave in the event of a visit and seizure operation conducted by a competition authority, and BCLP Paris has launched a First Response Dawn Raid app.

This interactive app is part of a comprehensive service offering for businesses. It gives them the information and tools they need to prepare for an investigation by the European Commission, the French Competition Authority or the DGCCRF.

"With this application, which completes our dedicated service offer, we give our clients the keys to prepare for competition law searches. It is important to know how to deal with them, to allow them to run smoothly while ensuring the protection of the rights of defense of the visited company," explains Competition Partner Julie Catala-Marty.

The Dawn Raid app, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android, is a virtual coach to help ensure your firm is in the best position to manage both the raid itself, and any subsequent investigation.

  • It provides practical tips and technical guidance to help staff deal with unexpected investigations.
  • A survival guide during searches to:
    • Know what to do, what to say (and not to do, not to say) thanks to practical instructions, as well as specific checklists. The app also offers the possibility to quickly reach BCLP's lawyers to react appropriately in all circumstances;
    • Know the powers of the competition authorities and the rights of the company;
    • Identify potential risks;
  • Identify the actions to be taken immediately after the searches.

The app originally designed by BCLP in the United Kingdom, was seen by clients as a real "survival guide," instructive, practical and accessible, built from the knowledge and experience of BCLP's teams in search and seizure operations.

This app completes an "à la carte" service offering focused on three pillars, a true global training and compliance program:

  • Prepare the legal and sales teams, with interactive video and face-to-face training, and targeted advice for the management team.
  • Prepare the company's IT teams, which are systematically called upon in the event of a search, thanks to our IT services and our forensic team.

Prepare for D-Day, thanks to the "Dawn Raid" mobile app and practical exercises, in particular through the organization of mock dawn raids.

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