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St. Louis Associate Chris Blaesing was quoted May 16 by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for pro bono representation of “Wizard of Oz” actor Mickey Carroll’s caretaker, Linda Dodge. After a week-long jury trial, St. Louis County jurors returned a quick verdict in favor of Dodge, rejecting claims that she owed money to Carroll’s estate. Carroll’s nieces and nephews alleged Dodge took advantage of Carroll and isolated him from family while enjoying meals, trips and more at his expense. They had sought up to $500,000, plus punitive damages. “Ms. Dodge was there for the good times with the decedent, but the flip side is she was there for the bad times too,” Blaesing said in closing arguments. “How do you socially isolate someone from people who have already abandoned him?” The case was led by Blaesing and St. Louis Associate Carol Li, with the help of St. Louis Partner Dan Nester, Associate Ali Ragsdale and Paralegal Jeremy Minster. Read the full article.

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