Bryan Cave Chief Innovation Officer Katie DeBord, Chief Practice Economics Officer Chris Emerson and Los Angeles Managing Partner Douglas Thompson will present at the Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) CLE roundtables on July 18 in Playa Vista, July 19 in Irvine and July 20 in Calabasas. Their seminar, “Marrying the Business of Law with the Practice of Law,” will assess effective collaboration among in-house law departments and their business teams and outside firms. DeBord and Emerson will highlight processes, tools and strategies to effectively align legal departments with their companies’ goals and operations.

BCXponent is a division of Bryan Cave that provides consulting services and technology solutions to corporate legal departments. This seminar will provide insight into how a group like BCXponent can identify and implement strategies that will build better relationships, enable financial management, and make life easier for the in-house lawyer.

“Today, legal departments of all sizes are expected to juggle often competing priorities – to integrate collaboratively with their companies’ business units and management to drive revenue and strategic opportunities, mitigate legal and reputation risk and manage ever increasing workload volumes, all while marshaling legal spend. Perhaps surprisingly to some, outside law firms can be part of the solution,” says Thompson.

DeBord drives Bryan Cave’s global initiatives to innovate the way in which the firm delivers client services. Her initiatives include new ways to train and develop associates, and new processes and technologies to drive efficiencies and collaboration within the firm. Through a team of specialized software developers and analysts, DeBord also spearheads development of custom technologies that enable clients to streamline and better manage their legal operations.

Emerson leads the firm’s Practice Economics Group, an innovative group focused on enabling companies to achieve their legal business objectives. Prior to his current role he managed the firm’s Client Technology Group, which created and continues to create a wide range of solutions to streamline legal work processes.

As managing partner of the Los Angeles office, Thompson leads initiatives focused on strategic growth, client service, diversity and professional development. Thompson led the firm’s Class & Derivative Actions Client Service Group from 2011 through 2016. A member of the firm’s Tech X innovation “think tank,” Thompson is focused on bringing innovation to his practice and to strategizing optimal approaches for clients, especially in high stakes litigation settings.

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