Paris Associate Cécile Terret was interviewed by FCPA Professor about the guidelines released by the AFA, the French Anti-Corruption Agency, created by the Sapin II law in 2016. These guidelines are France’s anticorruption policy framework and compel concerned companies to set up a number of internal procedures. Notably, companies are required to create a risk mapping document, which must be ready and available for an AFA investigation. “The new anti-corruption Sapin II law makes it compulsory for companies impacted to implement internal procedures to fight corruption,” Terret said. “One of the items that must be prepared is a corruption risk map as it is an essential tool for piloting the management of risk of corruption. Lastly, this particular document is not covered by attorney-client privilege, as its mere purpose is to be verified by the AFA. However, the preparatory stage (communications between the lawyers and the client and memos drafted by the lawyer to the client to prepare such document) is covered by legal privilege.” Click here to read the full article.