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BCLP Co-Chair Steve Baumer was quoted June 7 in Missouri Lawyers Media’s MOney 2021 special report. Despite the pandemic, nearly all of the largest law firms in Missouri saw more profit and higher revenue per lawyer, and profit per equity partner increased across the board. BCLP, Missouri’s biggest law firm, ended 2020 with solid financial results. “It was hard to imagine the year was going to end on such solid footing,” said Baumer, who credited that success to “the balance of our platform overall, the loyalty and great relationships we have with our clients and, really, the resiliency of all of our colleagues across the globe.” Despite BCLP’s global footprint spanning multiple jurisdictions in various stages of lockdown, the firm was able to pivot quickly to continue serving clients. “We think one of the things that distinguishes us in the eyes of clients and the marketplace is our very inclusive and dynamic culture,” Baumer said. “We care for one another quite a bit and we care for our clients, and we just put our nose to the grindstone to make all of that work.”

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