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BCLP and Associate Tim O’Connell were noted Nov. 15 by St. Louis Public Radio for a long-term pro bono partnership with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri’s Neighborhood Vacancy Initiative. A number of BCLP’s St. Louis lawyers have dedicated considerable pro bono efforts to making an impact in neglected neighborhoods in the city’s north side through the initiative, which helps local residents and community-based organizations reduce the problem of vacant, abandoned and blighted housing. Tim has taken the lead in supporting the firm’s efforts. “I can reach out to him just to run various things by him,” West End organizer Tonnie Glispie-Smith said of Tim. “[I]t’s just good to have that relationship that we can either call or email that person, and they’ll get back to us to give us some information and just listen. And they’ve attended neighborhood meetings so they understand what’s happening in the neighborhood and where they can fit in as well.”

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