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Atlanta Counsel Angela Hsu has been quoted extensively with reaction to the killings of eight people at three Asian American-owned businesses in the Atlanta metropolitan area on March 16, with six of the dead being Asian American women. Hsu practices in BCLP’s Real Estate Group and is also president of the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association (GAPABA). The shootings come amid a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes across the nation. Although the shooter, who is white, has denied racial bias toward his victims, many say it cannot be ruled out. “The obvious thing is that this is a targeted crime, because he targeted three businesses, and six Asian Americans were killed as a part of this shooting spree. And so, I think the obvious (conclusion) is that this was directed at Asian Americans,” Hsu told Voice of America News on March 19. She also was interviewed March 20 by CNN in a piece featured by other outlets, including on CBS News; March 19 by the Daily Report (Atlanta); and March 18 by The New York Times. “The truth could be much more complicated,” she told The New York Times, adding that pinning down the role that race may have played is important. “It’s an opportunity to talk about the larger issue. It isn’t discussed enough.”

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