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On 7 December 2021, BCLP hosted a webinar exploring insights, opportunities and pain points common to Israel-related publicly traded companies. We brought together three leading general counsel of companies listed in the US and UK Dalia Litay of ironSource, Tali Mirsky of NICE and Inbar Zilberman of PPHE Hotel Group.

Highlights included discussions on:

  • What should be the role of a GC of a publicly listed company?
  • What are the key differences between being the GC of a listed and non-listed company?
  • What are some of the lessons learned about crisis management during the COVID pandemic? How will these approaches and
    preparations change going forward?
  • What is the best way to re-engage with office life and dynamics, making the most of being present?
  • How should legal departments be shaped and managed to optimize task delegation, beyond simply balancing of work?

A recording of the webinar can be viewed here.

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