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St. Louis Partner Charles Jellinek, co-leader of the firm’s Employment & Labor Practice was quoted by Law360 concerning the impact of the Democrats winning control of both the White House and Congress. Jellinek discussed the impact on potential reforms like paid leave and increased protections for pregnant workers. "We've seen so many states pass some version of paid sick leave benefits that I would be surprised if there wasn't a groundswell of support from Democrats and probably even a decent handful of Republicans in Congress to get behind some paid sick leave law," Jellinek said. He also noted there will be a push to raise the federal  minimum wage. "I think that's likely to surface, whether it's a first 100-day agenda or [on the] 2021 agenda, I don't know," he said. "But I think there'll be a lot of conversation around that because it’s just been some time since an adjustment in the minimum wage." Jellinek also discussed likely Congressional action on the previously introduced Protecting the Right to Organize Act. Given the support of unions in the recent elections, Jellinek noted “it's going to be something that Democrats in Congress are going to have to at least attempt."

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