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BCLP Attorney John Kindschuh was featured Oct. 27 by Law360 (subscription required) on his journey back to legal practice after suffering a stroke in 2013. Immediately after his stroke, John was unsure whether he would be able to return to work at all, but the support of his colleagues carried him through his recovery and made his return to work unexpectedly smooth. BCLP’s human resources staff and leadership worked with the Brain Injury Foundation of St. Louis to plan for John’s return to work. Former St. Louis Managing Partner Bob Newmark said “The firm never thought about the economics of this, frankly, but John delivers more value than we have to pay for.” John noted other law firms and businesses can achieve the same positive results as BCLP. “I would strongly encourage people to consider hiring people with disabilities because we can add value and perspective to the workplace and more importantly to society, instead of marginalizing us,” he said. “I was celebrated here and I think that can be a model for other companies.”

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