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BCLP Chair Emeritus Walter Metcalfe is featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and in a series of articles exploring St. Louis’ $380 million civic project to better connect its riverfront, Arch and downtown. The publication compared the St. Louis project, completed in July 2018, with planned improvements to Cleveland’s downtown lakefront to see what lessons might be learned. Metcalfe spearheaded the international design competition to reinvent the landscape around the Arch and led implementation of the renovation of the Arch grounds as founder and former chairman of the CityArchRiver 2015 Foundation. “In St. Louis, influential lawyer Walter Metcalfe worked without pay to make the renovation of Gateway Arch National Park ‘the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing I did at night, every day,’’ as he put it. To succeed on the lakefront, Cleveland may need its own Metcalfe,” the publication reported. Click here to read the article “$380M revamp of Gateway Arch Park in St. Louis offers a how-to guide for Cleveland on reconnecting downtown, waterfront,” published Aug. 20, or here to read “12 takeaways for Cleveland’s new lakefront plan, based on lessons from St. Louis and Cincinnati,” published Aug. 22.

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