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BCLP Partner Andrey Spektor has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg providing comments on trial strategy, evidence, and rulings in the Elizabeth Holmes criminal fraud trial. He was featured Oct. 5 in the Wall Street Journal, Oct. 19 in Bloomberg, Oct. 22 in the Wall Street Journal, and in two articles on Oct. 22 in Bloomberg

Andrey is a litigator with extensive courtroom experience.  He represents companies and individuals in criminal matters, civil litigation, and government investigations.  As a former federal prosecutor in New York, Andrey twice won the “Prosecutor of the Year” award, led some of the nation’s most significant cases—profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNN, and NBC News—and has been cited as an authority on various legal topics by three U.S. Court of Appeals panels. 

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