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BCLP Partner Andrey Spektor was quoted April 13 by Law360 examining the verdict of a “Varsity Blues” case in which former USC college coach Jovan Vavic was found guilty of participating in an admissions scheme. Asked about potential arguments in Rule 29 motion for acquittal, Andrey noted the most compelling one may be whether USC was truly victimized in the scheme, or whether the school takes money for admissions slots as part of its usual practice. The article highlighted the Judge’s skepticism of the government’s case.  Andrey noted that in ordering the arguments in the Rule 29 motion, he would lead with those that have already resonated with the judge: "What gave her the most concern? It sounds like she had concerns about proving the conspiracy," Andrey said. "Even if it's not the strongest argument from a legal perspective, I would lead with that one at the district court level." Later in the article, Andrey was quoted identifying another potential argument for the defense, based on the prosecutor’s potentially improper argument in summation. 

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