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BCLP Partner Andrey Spektor was quoted Oct. 17 by Yahoo Finance concerning Theranos Inc. founder Elizabeth Holmes’ motion for a new trial based on one of the government’s witnesses’, Dr. Adam Rosendorff, unprompted, post-trial visit to her home. Holmes’ partner, who spoke with him, claimed that Dr. Rosendorff was apologetic about his trial testimony, purportedly saying that it was the government that made Theranos and Holmes look bad. Through his attorneys, Dr. Rosendorff denied this account. Now, the court will hear directly from Dr. Rosendorff. “If Rosendorff testifies in the way he previewed in his motion...and the judge credits him, it’s over,” said Andrey, a former federal prosecutor. Andrey expects the parties to ask Rosendorff why he made his visit, what he said, and what he meant by his statements to Holmes’ partner.

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