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Partner Tom Lee was quoted at length in an Oct. 29 article by  (subscription required) on the numerous issues surrounding the regulation of PFAS, and how that might impact the beverage industry. California and certain other states have been especially aggressive in legislating PFAS, and USEPA’s PFAS Strategic Roadmap indicates that there will be significant federal regulation over the next few years. “The challenge with PFAS is we don’t really understand yet the full extent of how and where these compounds have been used in the industry,” said Tom, who is the leader of the firm’s PFAS Team. “We are identifying new product categories and industries that interact with this chemistry all of the time. It’s not over and there are more regulations coming, so to the extent that you think this chemistry is a part of your supply chain, now is a very good time to evaluate how you use it, what quantities you use, how it relates to your wastewater discharges and air emissions and whether now is the time to consider looking at alternatives.”

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