Colorado Springs Partner Steve Smith and St. Louis Partner Ryan Davis, co-leaders of the Sports & Entertainment Group, were quoted Jan. 5 by Law360 on the hot issues predicted to drive sports deals and litigation in 2016. One topic is OTT (or over-the-top) broadcasting – meaning, any non-traditional broadcast pipeline such as Internet-connected devices. “The thing that I think a lot of people are looking at is that with the traditional delivery vehicles like turning on the television and watching ESPN, CBS, NBC or other networks, fewer and fewer people are doing that,” Smith said. Davis commented on NFL franchise relocation, with three franchises having filed applications with the NFL to relocate to Los Angeles beginning in the 2016 season. “One of the options that has not really been talked about, which I think would have been the easy answer a decade ago, is expansion,” Davis said. “The reason for that is that the franchises are so valuable.”

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