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As part of a regular series of bite-sized 19-minute teleconferences on the key UK COVID-19 employment law issues employers need to think about, on 22 July 2020 our London Senior Associate Catherine Turner and Andrew Watson, Barrister at 12 King’s Bench Walk discussed the personal injury risks following a return to work after lockdown. 

The session covered: 

  • The crossover between employment law and personal injury
  • Can employers impose testing and does testing help to reduce any personal injury exposure?
  • Best practice on risk assessments and implementation from a personal injury perspective
  • Are employers doing what they need to in terms of workplace assessments?
  • What further steps can an employer take to ensure that it is meeting its duty of care towards its employees? 

You can access the documents referred to in the teleconference using these links:

In case you missed it, you may listen to the audio recording of the teleconference below:

Audio Transcript

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