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BCLP Partner Charlie Weiss is featured in the summer edition of the American College of Trial Lawyers’ Journal for his life-changing pro bono projects through The Innocence Project. Weiss took on his first Innocence Project case in 2006 – that of Josh Kezer, wrongly convicted in 1994 of the murder of Angela Lawless, despite no physical evidence of any kind linking him to the crime. Weiss headed a BCLP effort, along with Steve Snodgrass, to free him that ended with Kezer being judicially declared innocent and freed from prison in 2009. From that first case, Weiss and a BCLP team, including Snodgrass, Jonathan Potts and Ameer Gado, have gone on to obtain complete exoneration for three others: George Allen, Jr., after 30 years in prison; David Robinson, who spent 17 years in prison; and Donald “Doc” Nash, recently freed after 12 years in prison. “Charlie has, for years, been a godsend to the innocence community; the one person in ‘Big Law’ that could always be counted on to do the right thing in the tough cases,” said Barry Scheck, co-founder and co-director of The Innocence Project at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York. Click here to read the full article, which begins in page 96. Weiss is a fellow of the ACTL.

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