Christian Zust serves as the Director of the Client Technology Group. The group was created as a kind of sanctioned "skunk works" charged with research into new technologies and development of technology-augmented solutions that would help deliver improved, more cost-effective service to clients. The Client Technology Group stands along side of but separate from traditional IT functions within the firm. It has created and continues to create a wide range of solutions that help streamline legal work processes and permit Bryan Cave to operate with the unprecedented efficiency now demanded in today’s highly competitive legal marketplace. The work of the Client Technology Group has been widely recognized and has led to awards from CIO magazine, CTO magazine, American Lawyer Media, the Association of Corporate Counsel, the International Legal Technology Association and other organizations.

While at the firm, Mr. Zust first served as part of a traditional legal team and then managed large scale discovery projects. Since early 2012, his focus has been on identifying ways to improve efficiency while maintaining and improving quality by leveraging technology and improving work processes. Most recently, he moved into the firm’s Client Technology Group in early 2015.

Mr. Zust holds undergraduate degrees in Management and Economics as well as a J.D. and an M.B.A. from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he won awards for his work in taxation and e-commerce law. He is also a certified Project Management Professional and regularly writes and speaks on topics related to pricing, legal project management and the utilization of technology to improve the delivery of legal services.


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