David Père is a renowned practitioner in business criminal law, criminal law and regulatory litigation.

In business criminal law, he specializes in high-risk, complex cases and has been involved in matters that involve allegations of bribery, money laundering and tax evasion, as well as cybercrime, forgery, and post-acquisition litigation. Given his extensive experience in crisis management, he is available to support clients facing emergency situations caused by allegations or the discovery of a criminal offence, or when a director faces accusations from the police. Indeed, he was one of the first in France to have prepared individuals and companies for the risks of police custody with scenarios delivered in realistic conditions.

David Père is also highly regarded for international criminal law. His international experience enables him to deal with multi-jurisdictional disputes in Europe, Africa and Middle East as well as in the United States.

In addition, he has represented directors and legal entities before administrative authorities (including the Financial Markets Authority), mainly in relation to allegations of insider trading and violations of investment service regulations. 

Thanks to his significant judicial experience, he also supports his clients in the implementation of anti-corruption procedures or internal investigations into suspicions of fraud. He has taught business criminal law for several years at University of Paris Ouest Nanterre, and is invited to participate in many conferences in France and abroad, notably on the Sapin II law.

Civic Involvement & Honors

    • Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (Afvt)
    • Commander, Citizen Reserve, Army Technical Section (STAT)
    • Commander, Citizen Reserve, Army Technical Section (STAT)
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Professional Affiliations

    • Member of the Center of Criminal Law and Criminology of the University Paris Ouest Nanterre
    • Member of the French Society for International Law (SFDI)
    • Member of the Association of Criminal Lawyers (ADAP)
    • Member of the Franco-Chinese Association for Economic Law (AFCDE)
    • Member of the Association of Criminal Lawyers (ADAP)
    • Member of the Franco-Chinese Association for Economic Law (AFCDE)
    • Member of the Franco-Chinese Association for Economic Law (AFCDE)
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Representative Experience

  • In charge of the defense of a natural person placed in custody and indicted for money laundering (220 million euros procedure);
  • Defense of a textile company executive prosecuted for illegal practice of banking, undeclared transfer of sums of money, money laundering, and no justification of resources (107 million euros procedure);
  • Defense of an individual indicted laundering the proceeds of undocumented work and tax evasion, and from whom the French authorities claimed payment of the sum of 2.2 million euros in respect of evaded social contributions: acquittal and abandonment of the authorities’ claims;
  • Defense of an international company in the mass retail sector under investigation for fraud;
  • Defense of individuals accused of laundering the proceeds of tax evasion and customs violations, and illegal practice of the banking profession, from whom the Customs authorities are claiming 37 million euros of penalties;
  • Advising a financial institution on money laundering issues in the context of international financing operations;
  • Defense of an American company and its senior executives targeted by criminal proceedings for financial crimes in Morocco;
  • Defense of an art dealer listed on the Falciani files and prosecuted for tax evasion and money laundering: nullity of proceedings, acquittal and lifting of criminal seizures;
  • Represented family members of a politician under investigation for misappropriation of public funds;
  • Assisted an accused to whom an insurance company claimed 70 million Euros as prejudice in the correctional courts;
  • Advocate for legal counsel investigated for the laundering of bribery of foreign public officials;
  • Represented a company executive in the photovoltaic sector sued for misuse of corporate assets (2 million Euros) and bankruptcy (1.2 million Euros);
  • Counsel to a foreign industrial company informed of suspicions of corruption within its French subsidiary;
  • Assisted a French company in the sector of printing systems and solutions sued for use of forgery and fraud for VAT and whose bank accounts had been the subject of criminal seizure;
  • Defended a textile company manager being prosecuted for the illegal practice of the banking profession, unreported transfer of sums of money, laundering, and non-justification of resources;
  • Represented a Middle Eastern investment fund victim of an attempt to scam and use forgery in public writing;
  • Represented private equity funds in criminal litigation after acquisitions for false balance fraud;
  • Represented defendants in "French plea guilty" (CRPC) proceedings in cases of abuse of social assets, or illegal practice of the profession of public accountant;


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Speaking Engagements

  • Speech at the award ceremony to the laureates of the Annual Russian Holocaust University Essay Laureates, UNESCO, Paris, 3 July 2017;
  • "Justice 3.0: increased justice, a future without a judge?" With Mr. Thomas Cassuto, Advisor at the Court of Appeal of Lyon, and Mr. Jacques Levy-Vehel, Co-founder of Case Law Analytics, Research Director at INRIA, Center for Criminal Law and Criminology , University Paris Ouest Nanterre, 28 April 2017;
  • "An example of French commercial company liability for war crime and murder", Center for Criminal Law and Criminology, University Paris Ouest Nanterre, December 18, 2014;
  • "Cross-checking on the investigation of economic and financial delinquency" with Françoise Baissus, First Vice-Prosecutor, Head of Section S2 of the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office (clever delinquency and cyber crime), Center for Criminal Law and Criminology , University Paris Ouest Nanterre, 29 March 2013;
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