Jonathan represents investment advisers in a wide variety of matters, including Advisers Act compliance and registration, launching new investment products, responding to SEC staff examinations, and negotiating ISDA documents and other derivative contracts.  His clients include investment advisers to separate accounts, private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, and commodity pools. 

Jonathan also represents registered investment companies and their independent directors in navigating compliance matters, launching new registered open- and closed-end funds, fund reorganizations, and negotiating advisory and other service provider arrangements. 

His practice also includes assisting broker-dealers in complying with applicable regulatory requirements and negotiating selling agreements. 

Representative Experience

  • Oversaw annual registration statement update process for a mutual fund complex with over 100 funds representing nearly $70 billion in assets.
  • Negotiated ISDA Master Agreements, futures agreements and repurchase agreements on behalf of the endowment and retirement system for a large state university system and for various registered fund clients.
  • Drafted proxy statements and assisted in the registration process for over 90 mutual fund mergers on behalf of a leading mutual fund complex.
  • Represented a registered closed-end fund and its independent directors in several protracted proxy contests.
  • Worked with numerous advisers in launching hedge funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, and other pooled investment vehicles.
  • Assisted private equity and hedge fund advisers in registering as investment advisers with the SEC and developing Advisers Act compliance programs.
  • Advised various advisers and fund complexes regarding commodity pool operator and commodity trading adviser registration exemptions.