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Operating in the not-for-profit sector has never been more challenging – or more exciting: unprecedented economic, social and environmental conditions; scarce resources; and escalating needs.

All these factors demand innovation and creativity in the development and implementation of real solutions for the delivery of your vision. Whatever stage of its life-cycle your organisation has reached, we can help you to thrive and achieve your goals.

Our team’s experience of working across not only the third sector, but also the commercial and public sector and with major philanthropists and foundations, in the UK and worldwide, provides us with a unique, fresh perspective from which to design new approaches to client service delivery.

Our “full service” approach to advising charities and a broad range of other organisations means that we also work closely with our real estate, commercial, funds, financial services, procurement, insolvency, tax and corporate teams from across the firm.

We also strive to innovate and differentiate in all that we do and to be ahead of relevant sector developments. For example, facilitating cross market collaboration between clients such as real estate developer and charities working with NEETs local to city centre developments, utilising our experience in one sector to enhance our advice to a statutory Regulator in another, supporting and educating both potential investors and charity/social enterprise investees about the burgeoning forms of social finance investment opportunities.