London Partner Kate Ison and Associate Jessica Hocking authored an “Insight” article published June 21 by Bloomberg Tax on the results of their survey of senior tax professionals to gain insight into how the changing landscape of U.K. tax law is impacting businesses’ approach to tax risk. “Corporates must navigate an ever-increasing volume of regulations introduced by tax authorities across the globe. This is compounded by the fact that governance and tax behavior of multinationals and large corporates has become subject to acute scrutiny by HMRC, the media and politicians alike,” they write. “Morality has crept into the debate and, arguably, tax is no longer just a question of law. In this context, it is unsurprising that 67% of respondents say that the increase in tax regulation has had a significant impact on their businesses.” Ison and Hocking are members of the BCLP’s Tax Advice & Controversy Group.

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