Paris Counsel David Père and Cécile Terret authored a post for FCPA Professor on July 29 concerning the newly released guidelines from French authorities for settlement agreements in corporate prosecutions. The new guidelines from the French financial prosecutor (Procureur de la République Financier - PRF) and the French Anti-corruption Agency (Agence Française anticorruption – AFA) specify the conditions of application of the anti-corruption law Sapin II, which provides the possibility for the PRF, as an alternative to prosecution, to enter into a settlement agreement (Convention Judiciaire d’Intérêt Public - CJIP). Père and Terret offer information regarding the different stages of the CJIP procedure, the conditions for benefiting from a CJIP, the merits of entering into a CJIP, the efficiency of this alternative solution and the obligations required from the regulators to enter a CJIP.

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