Paris Partner Constantin Achillas and Counsel Cécile Terret and David Père authored an article Jan. 30 in Option Droit & Affaires on the impact of Sapin 2 on companies. The authors in particular highlight Article 17 of Sapin 2, the French anti-corruption standard that requires certain companies and public institutions to implement measures to prevent and fight against corruption. The implementation of Sapin 2 means companies must have a real commitment from management and internal teams to uphold anti-corruption standards, as well as important financial requirements. But the law is also a protection tool for companies in a globalized environment and can benefit the company itself. By complying with the law, companies rationalize their activities and thus defend against offenses that may result in the potential loss of contracts and markets. In addition, Sapin 2 as well as the Judicial Public Interest Agreement (Convention judiciaire d'intérêt public – CJIP) have enabled France to provide an effective response to cope with the extraterritoriality mechanisms introduced by many states and to give credibility to its prosecutorial capabilities with respect to other foreign authorities.

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