Following our reports on Nigeria and Ghana, this third instalment of our Power to Africa series will look at the power sector in Kenya.

Download and read the full article: Power To Africa Volume 3: Kenya (Part 1).

Kenya has a population of 48 million people and is East Africa’s largest economy.  It is seen as a stable and attractive entry point into the common East African Community market of 150 million people, with a strong private sector and a relatively diversified economy. The country also has a young population and so stands to benefit from a demographic dividend. In all, the country’s medium to long term economic outlook is positive.

However, as at June 2016, Kenya’s installed generation capacity was 2,341 MW, well short of the target of 5,000 MW set by the Government of Kenya (GOK) in 2008. The GOK has announced that access to electricity has increased from 23% of the population in 2013 to 65% at the start of 2017. According to Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), 63% of households are currently connected to the grid, but it is likely that this figure is significantly lower in rural regions.

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