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BCLP Partner Andrey Spektor co-authored an op-ed published Dec. 31 by NBC News on the potential indictment of Rep.-elect George Santos, who has admitted to lying about his work experience and education, and falsely claiming a degree from Baruch College and jobs at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.

But, as Andrey, a former federal prosecutor, explained, “What prosecutors consider a crime has little to do with the biography he posted on his campaign website and the controversial tweets and interviews he gave. Instead, an indictment will likely depend on the content of personal and campaign-related financial documents that he, like all candidates for federal office, are required to submit. And, Andrey added, “If Santos was as loose with disclosing his finances on campaign forms as he has been in public about his personal history, a federal indictment will be the likely result.” The article was co-authored by Matt Jacobs, former New York and California federal prosecutor, and Republican nominee in 2022 for U.S. Congress in California.   

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