Never has our pledge been more important to you. The lawyer who best understands the special value of your intellectual property is the lawyer best equipped to represent your interests, whether in the courtroom or the boardroom, on the factory floor or in the lab, or before a governmental entity, here or abroad.

Our depth of understanding and experience allows us to successfully guide clients through complex intellectual property issues—from litigation to licensing to international regulations.

True to our guiding principles, many of our lawyers have not just academic training but hands-on experience in key fields.  Our patent attorneys include inventors, scientists, and engineers, our trademark lawyers include former corporate brand managers, and our copyright attorneys include copyright owners in various fields.  That real-world knowledge helps us provide our clients with what they actually need and avoid wasting time and resources on what they don’t need.

As our clients have expanded their geographic footprint, so have we.  With law and international trade offices across the globe and a “one firm” philosophy that enables us to work efficiently with colleagues in any practice area or office, we provide our clients with prompt, sophisticated, and reliable advice and advocacy on the full array of intellectual property issues, from San Francisco to Shanghai, Phoenix to Paris, and Los Angeles to London.