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BCLP Associate Kurt Steinhouse authored an article published Jan. 19 by CityLand concerning New York City’s latest land use roadmap, Get Stuff Built, which is designed to address housing affordability, support small businesses and facilitate capital projects. “Get Stuff Built lays out 111 initiatives to streamline development in the City in three categories identified for reform: environmental review, land use processes, and building permitting,” Kurt wrote. “Get Stuff Built also takes aim at land use processes, noting that a three-month delay in commencing construction of a 100-unit building typically adds $1.4 million in project costs. It proposes 19 land use reforms, including the City of Yes zoning changes, eliminating the need to obtain obscure special permits for certain uses, and allowing the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) to begin as many as two years earlier than is typical today by shortening the pre-certification phase and allowing community boards to review materials earlier in the process.”

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