Mexico and Latin America

Assisting clients on a wide variety of transactions and projects in the region

Mexico Practice

The lawyers in our Mexico Practice act as general corporate, real estate and finance counsel to many U.S., Mexican and foreign companies and financial institutions investing, trading, and lending in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

A significant number of clients served by our lawyers are U.S. and Mexican real estate developers,  manufacturers and lending institutions, as well as hotel and resort companies for which the group handles transactions and regulatory compliance.

The Mexico Practice includes lawyers located throughout our offices who have broad experience assisting clients with their business dealings in Mexico and with their Mexican partners and customers. In addition, we have forged strong working relationships with Mexican-licensed attorneys.

Over the years, the Mexico Practice has developed strong experience in real estate site acquisition for resort, commercial and industrial development, including all aspects of its financing, land use and entitlements, as well as construction and development agreements.

The Mexico Practice also maintains close relationships with a number of law firms throughout Mexico, with which the group works closely on certain labor, complex tax and administrative matters, as well as litigation in Mexican courts.

The group’s experience in Mexico includes the following:

  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting
    • Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
    • Acquisition and development of residential and commercial real estate
    • Acquisition and operation of hotel and timeshare companies
  • U.S. and Mexican financing of
    • Direct and indirect acquisitions of Mexican companies
    • Real estate developments
  • Direct foreign investment
    • Start-up of foreign-owned Mexican companies including related tax, labor and immigration law matters
    • Maquiladora and manufacturing operations
    • Regulatory compliance
  • International commercial transactions
    • Customs law
    • Cross-border distribution and supply
  • Secured transactions
    • Investment
    • International trade
    • Dispute settlement
  • Import relief
    • U.S. and Mexican antidumping and CV duty investigations
    • Global safeguard investigations

Latin America Practice

Over the past decade our Latin America Practice has assisted both Latin American and non-Latin American clients on a wide variety of transactions and projects in the region.

We represent these clients in mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments and franchise issues involving entities and activity in Latin American, contract negotiations with Latin American public and private entities, Latin American regulatory, customs and international trade matters, litigation and arbitration, as well as other transactions. In addition, our lawyers provide legal advice to Latin American clients doing business, raising capital and investing in the global markets, including the U.S. and China, as well as those involved in litigation, arbitration, and international trade proceedings.

Our Latin America Practice is composed of several lawyers located in the U.S., Europe and Asia who have handled a variety of projects throughout the region. Several of the team members are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, have lived or worked in the region, and are admitted to practice law in the United States and Mexico.

Representative Experience

The Latin America Practice Team’s experience includes:

  • Assisting international clients in mergers and acquisitions in Latin America.
  • Assisting international clients in setting up subsidiaries in Latin America.
  • Representing U.S. and European companies in international arbitrations involving Latin American operations, Latin American parties and Latin American laws.
  • Representing Latin American clients in trade remedy litigation in the United States before the U.S. International Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Court of International Trade.
  • Advising multinational clients on the structuring of global manufacturing operations to take maximum advantage of Free Trade Agreements and Customs rules for Latin American distribution.
  • Investigating FCPA matters involving businesses in Latin America.
  • Advising U.S., Canadian and global companies on compliance with U.S. and other countries’ regulations affecting Cuba.
  • Advising on negotiating contracts with Latin American public and private entities.
  • Advising clients on legal issues in their multinational franchise operations.
  • Providing legal advice to clients on Latin American regulatory and customs matters.
  • Providing counsel on offerings of public and private equity (IPOs, Rights Issues and Follow-ons) and debt securities of Latin American companies.
  • Advising U.S. and Latin American clients in all legal and regulatory aspects of developing and financing luxury mixed-use (residential, hotel, timeshare and commercial) master-planned communities, resorts and other real estate investments located in Mexico.
  • Representing international clients in the acquisition and development of wind power and other renewable energy projects located in Mexico.
  • Providing legal advice to international clients on day-to-day Mexican labor law matters, including preparation of employment agreements and analysis and assessment of employer liability on benefits and severance obligations.