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The CCPA was enacted in 2018, and went into effect on January 1, 2020.  Arguably the most comprehensive state data privacy law to date, the CCPA’s impact will reach far beyond California’s borders.  At BCLP, we have been at the forefront of preparing our clients for the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the CCPA.  We bring a deep understanding not only of California privacy law (pre- and post- CCPA), but of the privacy laws of the European Union and other states that form the foundation of California law.  We have coached hundreds of clients, including retailers, eCommerce providers, social media platforms, financial service providers, AdTech and data analytics providers on pragmatic and tailored approaches to compliance with privacy laws like the CCPA.  In other words, we have had the opportunity to approach the CCPA from a variety of different perspectives, and we have built from the experience of addressing the questions and concerns of clients in diverse sectors to bring a wealth of knowledge to each engagement.

BCLP attorneys stand ready to advise regarding all aspects of CCPA compliance.  We have significant experience modifying privacy policies to comply with CCPA disclosure requirements, reviewing vendor agreements and contracting processes for compliance with CCPA “service provider” provisions, analyzing data flows to determine whether “sales” of data are occurring, conducting cookie audits, and much more.  In addition, BCLP has and will continue to publish analyses of the most frequently asked questions to allow compliance officers, lawyers, privacy officers, and other interested personnel to get up to speed quickly and easily on the issues and questions that are top of mind regarding the CCPA.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the team members for additional information and resources.