Members of our association health plan team have thirty years of experience representing association health plans.  We help association health plans build the type of large-employer solutions which are typically not available to small and medium size firms.  Our practice includes:

  • The formation of new association health plans.
  • Negotiation of agreements with insurance carriers and other vendors.
  • The formation of captive insurance companies when appropriate to advance the interests of the association health plan.
  • Health insurance design.
  • Compliance with the myriad federal and state statutes and regulations governing health insurance and association health plans.
  • The establishment of “best practice” governance structures for association health plans and related entities.
  • Compliance with the ERISA rules applicable to association health plans, particularly the prohibited transaction rules.

A successful association health plan can provide the following “large employer” benefits to member firms:

  • Group purchasing power in the marketplace, allowing the association health plan to negotiate low administrative fees as well as obtain the best available provider discounts.
  • Comprehensive wellness programs which afford association health plan participants with the resources to become the healthiest citizens in the nation.
  • Around-the-clock telemedicine services.
  • Advocacy services which assist association health plan participants in navigating our country’s complex health delivery system so they can obtain the highest quality care at the best price.
  • Cutting-edge online enrollment platforms of the type offered to employees by the largest and most sophisticated employers.

Representative Experience

A sampling of our representative experience includes:

  • Representation of a board of trustees in connection with the operation of an association health plan covering 1,750 employers who are members of the same trade association.
  • Formation of an association captive insurance company that offers health insurance through a fronted reinsurance arrangement to members of an association made up of over 5,000 member firms throughout the U.S., including the negotiation of reinsurance agreements with several health insurers.
  • Representation of two different associations in the formation, from scratch, of start-up association health plans.
  • Representation of an association health plan in connection with the acquisition of another association plan.