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Our Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Class Action Team defends a wide variety of class actions related to food, beverage and cosmetic products and services, including claims about product labeling, ingredients, processing, packaging, advertising and sales practices.  We also have defended claims stemming from food-borne illnesses and alleged product defects. 

Our team has substantial experience defending claims involving: health and energy products, frozen vegetables and other frozen food products, health beverages, baby bottles, pet treats, natural spring water, nutritional supplements, soft drinks, alcohol, pet food, and cosmetic and other consumer skin care products.  We have defended claims attacking a variety of labels, such as "all natural," "a good source" of various nutrients, "GMO-free" and "hormone-free."  These claims involved alleged violations of various state UDAP laws and/or federal statutes and regulations, such as the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and FDA and USDA regulations.

We also counsel clients on the related risk management and business operations issues, as well as the recovery for business interruption, brand damage and other losses related to class action claims, food contamination outbreaks, product and/or processing defects against others in the food/product distribution chain.