Our Sport Class Action Team has handled a number of high-profile sports class actions, including representing all of the teams in the National Hockey League in the concussion/CTE multi-district litigation class action pending in the District of Minnesota, and defending a collegiate sports conference in an anti-trust class action challenging the maximum grant-in-aid a student athlete could receive under existing rules.  Our team of sports class action lawyers are an integral part of the firm’s Sports and Entertainment Group, which represents professional sports teams, leagues, universities, collegiate conferences, the NCAA, Olympic bodies, and other businesses that operate in the sports industry.  Our sports litigation practice is comprehensive and, besides class actions, spans everything from confidential, high-stakes arbitrations to wrongful death cases.

For more information regarding our sports litigation practice please visit our dedicated Sports Litigation webpage:  https://www.bryancave.com/en/practices/sports-and-entertainment-group/sports-and-entertainment-litigation-practice.html