Our US Summer Associate Program provides the primary avenue through which new lawyers join our firm. The program is designed to introduce students to our practices, our clients and the experience of being a BCLP lawyer.

Summer Associate Program

We take great pride in our track record. Our summer associates consistently tell us that their experience provided a genuine understanding of life at the firm, and usually all accept our offer to join our firm after graduation.

Our summer program provides a variety of opportunities such as the ability to meet clients; attend depositions, oral arguments, closings and board meetings; and observe courtroom and discovery procedures. Summer associates are engaged in substantive, challenging work on par with work done by first and second year associates. This includes research, drafting parts of briefs and other writing assignments, and formal and informal feedback provided by accomplished lawyers. Summer associates are introduced to our core values and how we live these values.

We sponsor a variety of cultural, educational and purely recreational activities for our summer associates. Along with sightseeing, dining and entertainment, you will have ample opportunity to enjoy your co-workers’ company. For many of our summer associates, getting to know our people is the best part of the summer experience.

One Firm

What differentiates us is the open road that seamlessly links all of our offices, making us One Firm with a shared practice and not just a shared name. Wherever your home office, you’ll collaborate with lawyers in our other offices, and call on each other when needed.

Each client is considered a client of the whole firm, with access to the resources that will best serve their needs. We act as One Firm because it serves our clients best. For you, that means wonderful opportunities for interesting work in a national and international practice.

Client Development

We have always focused on building long-lasting relationships with clients rather than on offering a “quick fix.” Many of our clients have been with the firm for decades. Associates have ample opportunity to get to know our existing clients and to be part of teams meeting with potential clients. Associates also have the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other lawyers across our 31 offices. The firm’s practice and diversity affinity group retreats strengthen ties between lawyers, building trust and opportunities to share business when it serves a client’s interest. In fact, it’s not uncommon for clients to attend our retreats, participating in panel discussions about their needs and expectations.

Professional Development

We believe that the best lawyers never stop learning. The BCLP Global Learning & Development Program offers a comprehensive professional development program to help ensure that every attorney reaches his or her full potential. Our commitment to this goal is perhaps best exemplified by our partners, who provide their expertise and insight as instructors and panelists for each of our programs. And we bring our innovation to our professional development by offering trainings via virtual delivery methods such as video-podcasts, e-learning modules, and our training app.

A few of the firm’s professional development programs include: 

  • The Business Academy at BCLP
    The goal of the Business Academy is to enhance understanding of and gain skills in the business underpinnings of day-to-day legal practice, including practice economics, budgeting, and project management. Topics are tailored according to associate level to ensure that our attorneys, wherever they are in their careers, are able to leverage “business of law”  knowledge and tools to manage matters effectively for the success of our clients and of the firm.
  • Commercial Litigation Curriculum
    This curriculum includes seminars on the fundamentals of oral argument, deposition and trial advocacy, and offers information on questioning techniques, witness preparation and choosing the most effective legal arguments. Workshops offer interactive simulations that allow associates to practice their skills using actual cases.
  • Corporate & Transactional Practice Curriculum
    Comprised of over 20 online seminars, this program focuses on general legal areas as they apply to a corporate practice such as accounting, ethics and client service, as well as specific transactional skills such as closing mechanics, corporate governance, and debt and bank financings.

Benefits and Well Being

We provide our lawyers with excellent compensation and benefits, including essential work tools; a selection of health plan coverage options; adoption/maternity/paternity leave and other work/life benefits; and more. BCLP has also signed the ABA Pledge to advance Well-Being in the Legal Profession. The purpose of the Pledge Campaign is to raise awareness of lawyer and staff well-being issues and facilitate an increase in well-being in the profession.

Student Recruiting

We are currently accepting applications from rising second year law students for our 2020 summer program in the following offices: Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Irvine, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and St. Louis. There are several ways to apply for a summer associate position.

On-Campus Recruiting

Each year, we recruit second year law students at a number of law schools and job fairs. To obtain more information about our requirements and which offices participate in specific OCIs and job fairs, please contact your career services office. Want to know more about your school alumni at our firm? Visit our People section, and search by school.  View our On-Campus/Job Fair Calendar.

Write-in: If we are not interviewing on-campus at your law school or at a local job fair, we encourage you to submit an online application. Please click on the link for your office of interest below. You will be required to upload PDFs of your resume, cover letter, and law transcript.

Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Irvine, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and St. Louis

Questions: If you have any questions about our Summer Associate Program, please contact one of the firm’s Recruiting Contacts.

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Denver Irvine
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St. Louis  

Diversity Scholarship Program

We sponsor a diversity scholarship program for law students who have received and accepted an offer for a summer associate position after the second year of law school in one of our U.S. offices.  Each scholarship recipient will receive $10,000, half of which will be paid after successful completion of our Summer Associate Program. The second half of the scholarship will be paid prior to the second semester of the recipient’s third year of law school, providing they have received and accepted an offer to join our firm as an associate following the completion of their legal education. Click here for more information about the selection criteria and application process.

UK and Asia Trainee Program

If you are interested in learning about BCLP’s UK and Asia Trainee programs, please visit www.blplaw.com/trainee/.