Since the GDPR was enacted in April of 2016 we have had the honor of helping dozens of companies comply with the new regulation.  This has given us a unique perspective.  We have handled GDPR related questions that impact 2,685+ brick-and-mortar retail locations, 2,200+ hotels, and some of the most important social media platforms, financial service providers, data analytics companies, hardware and parts distributors, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and academic publishers.  In other words, we have had the opportunity to approach the GDPR from a variety of different perspectives and hear the questions and concerns of clients that live in vastly different industries.

 In order to help clients and practitioners come into compliance with the GDPR, we have created a six-part, six-hour training on how to comply with the GDPR.  The training focuses on the most common (and most confusing, in some cases) areas of compliance and is designed to allow compliance officers, and lawyers, to get up to speed on an individual compliance topic quickly and easily.

Complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Trainings:

Information Notices

Conducting Data Inventories

Data Subject Requests

Revising Incident Response Plans and Data Breach

Third Party Vendor Management Programs

Cross Border Transfers of Information