Technology transcends all sectors of the global economy, sweeping away all traditional boundaries. Technology’s pace of change is so fast and relentless that every business is impacted by its progress. 

Our global team lives and breathes technology, as business lawyers and as consumers. Our legal expertise is a given but what distinguishes us is our market understanding, our experience of the risks and globally integrated and efficient approach.  

We deploy the right lawyers for the relevant sub-sector of technology that is key to the client’s needs, from FinTech and payment solutions to AI and other advanced technologies, from digital media to mobile communications, across all service lines in the global firm.  The sub-sector pages on this site describe in greater detail our experience in each of the individual sub-specialities.  

We have a fully integrated team across London, Berlin, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Boulder and Hong Kong. We assist clients who wish to access international investment opportunities, capital markets or trade throughout the world. We are truly one team where jurisdictional barriers are swept away.  

We represent clients from investors (VCs, corporates and PE), technology businesses (from startups and high-growth to mature companies) to enterprise users (including corporates and financial services institutions procuring and/or investing in technology) advising on all aspects of their transactional activity and/or disputes.  

Our clients operate across all sectors of the global economy, including financial services including payments, media, telecoms and sport, real estate, energy and infrastructure, retail, hospitality and healthcare.